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Jet Ski Party Ideas

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Jet Ski Rental Party Ideas-Groups and Weddings

Can you imagine anything more exciting than renting WaveRunners for a party? WaveRunners are often called Jet Skis.  Getting your friends and family together for some fun on the water is a great way to enjoy spring break or any other time of the year in SWFL. There are plenty of ways to have fun on a jet ski, and we put together this list of six jet ski rental party ideas to get the good times floating! And don’t forget, we do Corporate events too!

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Birthday Bash

For a fun-filled birthday celebration, consider hosting a jet ski party. Whether it’s a milestone birthday or just another year of life,  we can make the day unforgettable. Gather friends and family for a day of high-speed, or low-speed, excitement on the water.  You get to choose!  You can even book a private jet ski tour for your group.  We will guide you along the beautiful back bay of Estero Island, and even let you stop on the shore for a little shelling. Your one-of-a-kind celebration will be remembered by friends and family for years to come.

Family Reunions

Family reunions are all about creating lasting memories and reconnecting with loved ones. Incorporate jet ski rentals into your family gathering for an experience that appeals to all generations. From grandparents to grandchildren, jet skiing offers a thrilling adventure that transcends age barriers. Spend quality time on the water, exploring coastlines and sharing laughter as you catch up on family stories.  Make memories that will last a lifetime while you explore the beautiful beaches of Southwest Florida.

Bachelor & Bachelorette Party

Are you ready to blow off some steam before the big event?  Rent our Yamaha Waverunners (often called Jet Skis) for a day on the water your entire wedding party will enjoy!  The feeling of freedom on the water is like no other.  Let us help you have the best bachelor or bachelorette party on the beach.

Explore the Islands and Mangroves

Ready to explore the back bay areas?  A guided Dolphin Adventure Tour is just for you.  Did you know Free Range Jet Ski riding in the back bay areas is illegal in Lee County, Florida?  If a rental company is offering this type of ride, you should think twice before renting from them.  We follow the FWC laws and local rules and regulations to keep you safe!

Weddings by the Water

Imagine exchanging your vows by the water’s edge and then embarking on a romantic jet ski adventure as newlyweds. You can plan your wedding at Pink Shell Beach Resort or at DiamondHead Beach Resort  and invite your whole wedding party to join in on the fun!

Corporate Outings

Corporate outings are a great way to strengthen team bonds and boost employee morale. Take your team-building activities to the next level by organizing a jet ski guided tour. Not only will this foster teamwork and camaraderie, but it will also give your employees a chance to unwind and have fun outside the office environment.


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